Case studies

Henry’s Foods drives 3x increase in sales with Pepper promotions

Pepper is replacing a traditionally old school world of marketing to customers using physical flyers to one where we deliver a fully digital, modern experience that increases sales for overstock inventory, high margin & seasonal items, and more. 

One example of a Pepper partner already seeing gains from Item Promotions is Henry’s Foods, a fourth generation, family-owned, wholesale foods distributor serving convenience stores, grocery stores & restaurants across the Midwest. They've been a Pepper partner since March 2021.

Henry’s offers special deals every week, which they’ve historically shared with their customers through a physical flyer. Ahead of a busy Mother’s Day week, they decided to move their weekly promotions online where they featured 10 items that they thought their customers would love to see.

During the promo window, sales for these items increased by 3x, which was 5x higher of a sales lift than they saw through their traditional physical flyer. 95% of the customers that ordered a promo item had never before purchased that item.

Mary Laddusaw, Director of Sales for Henry’s Foods, said, "Pepper’s promo tool drives more sales, creates an opportunity for more marketing money from vendors, and surfaces new items to our customers. The success of the campaign was an eye-opener to our team of the effectiveness of digital promotions over our traditional methods."

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