Promotional Tools

Reach all your customers, run campaigns, and receive recommendations from your app. Use our promotional tools to sell perishable goods quickly, raise brand awareness, reach new and existing customers, and sell more products.

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Reach all your operators with Pepper’s Broadcast feature

Have an important announcement, limited-time offer, or holiday card you want to share with your customers? Don't message operators one by one. Instead, let them all know with a single broadcast message. Alternatively, you can message select groups of customers if the broadcast isn't applicable to all of them.


AI-Powered recommendations

Pepper’s proprietary AI algorithm generates recommendations based on factors such as order history to help operators discover new products and grow your sales.

  • Powered by proprietary PepperAI
  • Automatically introduces customers to relevant products
  • Increases order size


Turn leftover product into income

Turn overstock or deadstock into revenue by promoting them right within your app. Run promotional campaigns in-app to let customers know about special discounts and items you wish to highlight. Boost revenue with minimal effort.

“Pepper’s promo tool drives more sales, creates an opportunity for more marketing money from vendors, and surfaces new items to our customers. The success of the campaign was an eye-opener to the effectiveness of digital promotions over our traditional methods.”

Mary Laddusaw

Director of Sales for Henry’s Foods

Elevate and future proof your customer experience with Pepper

Our clients see 23% growth in drop size, let’s talk about what Pepper can do for your organization.

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