Catalog Enrichment

Increase order size by giving customers access to your full catalog of items. Allow them to see or not see proprietary SKUs for personalized product discovery that enriches the customer experience. By empowering your customers to explore a wider range of options, they can find new products and make better purchasing decisions.

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Enhance the product selection process

By adding images to your online catalog, customers can easily browse your full product offering and discover new items.

Optimize customers’ order experience and accuracy

Use detailed visuals, descriptions, and metadata to help customers make more informed choices about what they are ordering.

Increase sales

Boost sales by allowing customers to see and visualize products through high-quality images

Elevate product marketing

Provide detailed and accurate information about each product to drive more traffic to your product pages.


Customize orders with ease

Give your customers the freedom to customize their orders using modifiers. Customers can:

  • Create orders with specific preparation for multi-option products (e.g., meat, seafood) for a more tailored ordering experience.
  • Streamline ordering for complex preparations, improve order accuracy, and eliminate miscommunications by selecting modifiers directly from the product.

Rich Product Attributes

Equip customers with high-integrity product information

Guide your customers’ purchasing decisions with Syndigo/GS1-Certified GDSN details on all products.

  • Comply with labeling and disclosure regulations while protecting customer health and safety.
  • Help customers make informed purchases and better manage their dietary needs.
  • Reduce errors and misunderstandings to improve order accuracy.
  • Sell to highly regulated customers (e.g., hospitals and K-12 schools).

Proprietary Prices

Control item visibility

Do you stock proprietary items that should only be accessible to certain customers? 

Easily manage item visibility for a customized and relevant shopping experience for each operator.


Provide real-time inventory insights

Give your customers clear product availability information and disable the order option for out-of-stock items.

Refine customer experience

Reduce frustration by enabling customers to easily identify out-of-stock products.

Save time and money

Avoid order credits and replacements.

Upgrade your inventory management

Track out-of-stock items and restocking times.

Minimize lost sales

Offer alternatives and recommendations for out-of-stock items.

Gain a competitive advantage

Provide a transparent and reliable ordering experience that differentiates you from competitors.

“When you look at the numbers, each one of the orders that are placed online are typically larger than previous orders which were taken and placed the traditional way. We are seeing not only a growth of the customer base that are willing to order from us, or able to order from us in some cases, but we're also seeing that those tickets are larger and more varied.”

Aaron Bloom

Bermuda General Agency

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