Rich Customer Support 

Empower your customers with support tools that deliver exceptional, personalized experiences. Say goodbye to repetitive questions, create meaningful engagement points that truly serve the customer, and elevate customer satisfaction with centralized, real-time communication for the best ordering and delivery experience.

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Order Tracking

“Order looks great, thanks!”

Reduce customer service inbounds and give customers visibility into the delivery process using real-time updates that are compatible with any major 3rd-party fleet management vendors, such as Omnitracs or Samsara. Your customers can:

  • See the delivery estimated time of arrival in the app.
  • Receive updates as orders are in transit and delivered.
  • Get real-time transit notifications for any complications or delays.


Centralized communication with your customers

Consolidate each customer's emails, text messages, and phone calls into a unified chat to provide excellent customer service and engagement. Plus, you can further centralize all communication, increase customers’ operational efficiencies, and boost engagement by:

  • Streamlining in-app chats with all customers, sales reps, and admins from any device.
  • Using broadcast messages to easily target specific or all customers.
  • Sending mass communications about delivery disruptions,  storms, food shows, etc.
  • Including rich media (e.g., images and PDFs) in your messages to customers for context-specific communication.

23% Increase in same-location sales


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Increase in same-location sales

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