Invoice Management

Use seamless integrations between Pepper and your ERP to give your customers access to their historical and open invoices.

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Invoice Ingestion

Up-to-date invoices for your customers to view

Help your operators stay on top of their invoices with Invoice Ingestion — imported directly from your ERP. Customers can consult open invoices, view due dates, and download invoice PDFs for printing and saving. Invoice ingestion:

  • Imports invoice line items from your ERP
  • Reflects shorts and substitutes based on ERP analytics
  • Shows due date based on customer term
  • Displays the most recent balance
  • Includes delivery charges and taxes

Credit Memos

Let your customers apply credits to their payments

Pepper’s Credit Memos feature supports any type of credit memo available in your ERP and shows the items and quantities that the customer is receiving a credit for. If your customer returns an item or you want to apply a promotional price, add a Credit Memo for the total amount to be deducted from their invoice. Integrations with all major ERPs make offering credit memos a seamless process.

Invoice PDFs

Display invoices in an easily digestible and downloadable format

Branded PDFs with your company logo and information make it easy for your customers to download, save, or print invoices for their records. Automatically generated invoices eliminate human error and provide your customers with all the information they need about their order while saving time for your team.

Elevate and future proof your customer experience with Pepper

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