Catalog Management

Structure your catalog to meet your operators' diverse needs. Our customizable interface enables you to organize and present items in a way that makes the most sense for your business and your customers — giving them a best-in-class shopping experience.

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Proprietary Items

Specialty goods for select customers

Sometimes, customers need specialty goods, such as branded packaging or special order ingredients. The Proprietary Items feature lets your operators purchase specific items that are not applicable to all your customers. 

Price Management

Easy price management at your fingertips

Set and revise prices on the go

Sales reps can adjust prices in-app during customer conversations.

Custom prices for every customer

Personalized pricing for each customer ensures your prices are always competitive.

Set prices from anywhere

Prices adjusted in-app or in your ERP will sync to each other and be reflected to your operators.


Showcase your best products with beautiful images

High-quality images show your customers exactly what they’re buying so there are no surprises — what you see is what you get. Beautiful images show your products with the best level of detail and in the most appealing way to your customers as they shop your products.


By the case or by the slice? Let your customers decide

Every product can have different variant packs, and some items require a set of pre-determined instructions for distributors to prepare them. Whether your customers want their beef ground, sliced, or chopped or their fish skinned, fileted, or whole, they can order accordingly through the Pepper app.

  • Present modification options clearly
  • Avoid miscommunication.
  • Offer modifications, cuts, and variant packs for multiple verticals, including meat, fish, and deli.

Rich Product Attributes

Make informed decisions with nutritional information and dietary labels

Pepper's partnership with Syndigo provides distributors and operators with the most accurate nutritional information so they can meet their customers' dietary requirements and service customers like schools and hospitals according to nutritional standards and regulations. Nutritional labels on packaged goods help operators order the right products.

“The app is freaking awesome. I’m really close to having my Sundays back in the first month we’ve had it. My customers love it too. I didn’t believe you when you said we would see over 15% basket size increase, but you were right — and it’s even higher than that. I’m blown away by every order.”

Chris Rogers

IWC Sales Rep

Elevate and future proof your customer experience with Pepper

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