Order Management

Empower your customers in their ordering decisions with custom configurations for distributor operations. Customization enhances the ordering experience, ensuring that customers receive precisely what they need, when they need it.

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Order management

The most intuitive interface for creating and submitting an order

Our solution is simple, clean and easy to use. Complete with every tool your sales team and customers need to streamline ordering. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Smart Search

An intuitive, efficient, and personalized way to find items

With Smart Search, your customers can save time looking for products and product information from your catalog. Smart Search allows them to:

  • Search for specific items or categories of items by name, code, abbreviated name, or synonym to populate related results.
  • Add items directly to cart from the search page. 
  • Discover new products quickly and easily.

Order Minimums

Maximize profitability and optimize customer deliveries

Setting minimum order requirements ensures maximum efficiency of each delivery while meeting your customers’ needs. Order minimums can be customer-specific.

Order History

Streamline new orders with the help of previous ones

Order History allows your customers to:

  • Track past orders and reorder items they have purchased before.
  • View order details, such as the final delivery or pickup date, the order total, who placed the order, itemized invoices, and invoice due dates.
  • Submit issues with an order directly through the app.

Fulfillment Days and Types

Optimize fulfillment schedules to better serve your customers

Your customers are diverse, and so are their fulfillment needs. With Pepper, you can adapt fulfillment days and types to their schedule. Offering multiple fulfillment options gives you and your customers:

Greater flexibility and control

Better accommodate the different needs of your varying customers.

Optimized operations

Reduce costs and increase route efficiency.

Convenient and efficient fulfillment management

Allow customers to choose the best fulfillment options for their needs.

Customized fulfillment routes

Configure and assign specific fulfillment routes to customers to ensure they have access to the desired delivery or pickup days.


Showcase specific items, move more product, and grow your sales

Offering promotions through the app enables you to:

  • Incentivize customers to purchase specific products.
  • Sell perishable products quickly.
  • Increase visibility of certain products to boost brand awareness and attract new customers.
  • Collect valuable insights on customer preferences and purchasing behavior to inform future marketing and sales efforts and distributors’ product purchasing decisions. 

UPC Scanning

Restock barcode items and their tags with one click

Pepper’s UPC scanning is perfect for convenience store customers, who can:

  • Automatically add items to their cart by scanning barcodes.
  • Scan barcodes using their device camera or Bluetooth scanner, eliminating the need to carry a large scanner around the store.
  • Cut order entry time in half.

"We should have charged more, items flew off the shelf."

Josh Sherlin

Vice President, Business Development, Henry's Foods


Increase in specific item sales


sales increase after promotion ended


 In supplier ad space sales, sold out in 4 weeks

“It is truly refreshing to find a product that is actually designed for our line of business, that does everything we could have wished for, is user friendly, and isn’t just patchwork over an existing ERP that was designed for a different business need and somehow made to work.”

Aaron Bloom

Division Manager, Bermuda General Agency

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