Give your customers peace of mind and rest assured your data is safe — it belongs to you and we won’t take ownership or sell it to third parties. Multi-factor authentication, user-level permissions, and a PCI-compliant data storage vault help you keep your data secure.

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Guaranteed Privacy

Pepper won’t share your details with anyone

Pepper takes privacy seriously, which is why we use industry-standard technical and administrative security measures to keep your information safe. Your information and customer information are your property, and we will never take ownership or expose them to third parties without your explicit consent.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Only allow authorized users to access your platform

Customers log in via two-factor authentication using their personal phone numbers and security codes they receive via text or email. Users will only be able to log in if they are authorized, and using security codes means your customers won’t need to call you for forgotten passwords!


Keep your catalog and customer-specific pricing safe

With permissions, you can ensure that only authorized sales reps and customer employees have access to your catalog. User-level permissions give you control over who can access certain features, including:

Order approval

Restrict transaction authorization to authorized personnel.

Location selector

Control user access for distribution network modifications.

Add and manage employees

Allow only authorized personnel to create or update employee profiles.

View invoices and make payments

Specify who has permission to view invoices and make payments within your system.

PCI Compliance

Store sensitive information in Pepper’s PCI-compliant vault

Information privacy and security are Pepper’s top priorities, and we are committed to ensuring the protection of your personal and financial information. Pepper is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), employs the highest levels of encryption to protect your information, and processes all transactions through secure and trusted payment gateways.

Elevate and future proof your customer experience with Pepper

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