Order Guide Management

With digitalized processes, creating and managing order guides is easier, faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

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Custom Order Guide

Empower Your Customers to Organize Their Digital Order Guides to Match Their Physical Workflows

Distributors can tailor order guides to meet their customers’ diverse needs — from restaurants that need more items on weekends to schools that need products on weekdays. Personalize your order guide to match each customer’s workflow.

With Pepper’s Order Guide Management, you can create order guides, groupings, and custom sorted lists to suit your needs.

  • Multiple order guides
  • Custom item groupings
  • Shelf-to-sheet organization

PAR Levels

Enabling Operators to Minimize Overstock and Reduce Shorts, Will Calls, and Recovery Requests.

With Pepper, you can set different PAR levels for the same items in different groups and different order guides to reduce waste and shortages. This ensures you only order exactly what you need when you need it.

Order Guide Notes

Improve Back-of-House Collaboration

The Pepper app mimics the process of paper order guides and clipboards by “crossing off” items to ignore for your next order and adding notes for your team so everyone involved in order placement is on the same page.

  • Check off items as “seen” so you can focus on the products you need in your next order.
  • Add an internal note during the ordering process that doesn’t get passed through in the order.

“I was never going to order from them — I’m too busy and usually just stick with one purveyor. But when my sales rep showed me the new app and how easy it is, I converted my business to C.D. Hartnett, and have been consistently ordering from them twice a week.”

C.D. Hartnett customer

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