Automatic Payments

Enable your customers to manage and pay invoices directly within their app. Ensure seamless and accurate transactions for customers and your AR (accounts receivable) team to meaningfully reduce your DSO (days sales outstanding)

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Easy Setup

Automatic payments to automate your receivables

Automatic payments enrollment

Enhance convenience for your customers with automated payment processing.

Flexible configuration

Set up auto charges on a cadence that works best for your customers.

Threshold amount setup

Give customers control with the ability to set maximum amount thresholds.

Payment Reminders

Automated reminders to keep customers in the loop

Stay one step ahead and ensure a smooth payment experience for your customers with automated reminders that go out prior to processing transactions.

Your customers will receive an email notification the day before their scheduled auto payment, keeping them well-informed and eliminating any surprises along the way. 

In-App Payments

Transparency at your customers’ fingertips

Empower your customers to stay on top of their finances by allowing them to access and view their next scheduled payment. Customers can also enjoy the convenience of paying within the app — it’s so easy that it almost feels ‘automatic.’

Does a customer want to update their payment method? No Problem. It’s super simple to adjust any payment details on the go, ensuring their information is always up to date.

Elevate and future proof your customer experience with Pepper

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