In-App and Web Payments

Turbocharge your collections process, increase the speed at which you receive money, and remove friction from sales conversations about collections with our best-in-class self-serve experience and tools.

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Secure self-serve payments in just a few steps

Allow your customers to review invoice details, stay on top of payment terms, and make payments in a few simple steps. The process is even more streamlined with saved payment methods. 

With in-app payments, customers can:

  • View all open invoices in one place
  • Review invoice line items and details
  • Save multiple payment methods


Simplify back-office collections with fast payments processing

Use a secure distributor-facing portal to initiate digital payments on behalf of your customers.

  • Search customers by name or account code
  • Charge customers for any outstanding invoices
  • Add custom charges and transaction fees
  • Save payment methods for future processing
  • Email payment links to customers
  • Receive real-time payment authorization notifications


Eliminate repetitive processing tasks

Invoice filters

Effortlessly manage your open invoices by filtering them according to due date or order fulfillment date.

Customer search

Search for customers by name or account code for swift access to their information.

Payment handling

Charge multiple customers at once by processing payments in bulk.


Get real-time payment authorization notifications to track payment progress.

Transaction History

View all your digital payments in one place

Easily view, export, and download transaction history for both in-app and back-office payments from a single consolidated view. 

You can search for transactions by custom date range or customers by name or code. Plus, you can export transaction history as a downloadable CSV file.

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Fee Passthrough

Reduce processing cost with passthrough fees

Lower your processing costs by:

  • Configuring passthrough fees at customer level.
  • Setting overrides at the customer and payment method levels.
  • Allowing customers to see the fees associated with each payment method they select.


Mishaps made easy

We know that mistakes are rare, but when they do occur, go the extra mile and ensure an exceptional customer experience by offering full or partial refunds.

With these seamless refund capabilities, you can quickly correct any discrepancies, demonstrate your dedication to service excellence, and instill trust in your customers.

“I had never considered how the app could improve our cash flow. But our payments have been coming in much faster from Pepper users, even from those customers that have historically been slow to pay. And yes, it brings me joy when I see the emails come through that show we've received a Pepper payment!”

Marshall Spain

Strickland’s Portion Pak

“Payments are faster, and with the ability to pass along fees, the app doesn’t cost me anything, it more than pays for itself.”

Raymond Murray

JE Hicks

Elevate and future proof your customer experience with Pepper

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