Customer Management

Empower your on-the-go sales team with the best solution for every operator. A robust customer management system will give your team access to critical information at their fingertips, enabling them to close deals faster and with greater confidence.

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Order Minimums

Increase drop size with order minimums

  • Set different order minimums for different operators
  • Inform operators of the required order minimums during their in-app ordering process
  • Offer different order minimums based on variables such as pickup or delivery days and lead times

Fulfillment Days

Pickup or delivery, your choice

Let your customers know available pickup and delivery days, as well as cutoff times.

Have customers that require more frequent service? Great! You can offer them flexible fulfillment days.

New Account Creation

New customers on the go, no problem

  • Add new customers to your app with ease
  • Sync customer information straight into your ERP
  • Customize new customers’ experiences in PMC
  • Easily manage accounts by removing inactive accounts, setting communication preferences, and assigning sales reps to each account

"To this day - I have had not one complaint about our app. I hear our customers say that it's better than Sysco and some of the other big broad-liners. It's a testament to you guys on how well your product is - I love Pepper"

Scott Davis

COO Mr. Greens

Elevate and future proof your customer experience with Pepper

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