Situation Handling

Build customer trust by utilizing our tools to proactively troubleshoot any issues. Equip your team with resources to swiftly resolve any complications that may arise.

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A seamless solution for handling chargebacks and disputes

When it comes to handling chargebacks and disputes, clear insights and swift action are critical. That's why our solution ensures you can address both aspects seamlessly for efficient dispute handling.

Immediate notifications

Get notified immediately of payment chargeback including the reason causing the dispute.

Payment hold

Temporarily suspend payments for a specific payment method until the dispute is resolved.

Clear insights and swift action

Our solution ensures you can address both aspects seamlessly for efficient dispute handling.

Credit Holds

Credit hold management: From your ERP to the app

Streamline your credit hold process effortlessly within our app. Apply credit holds to customer accounts with a simple click, preventing them from placing new orders.

Allow your customers on a credit hold to make payments directly against their outstanding invoices, ensuring smooth and efficient account management.


Supercharge your AR Team with actionable insights

Let analytics and powerful, actionable insights drive the success of your accounts receivables (AR) team. Streamline your current back-office collections process with the help of our all-encompassing payments solution.

Track customers who are at risk

Identify potential payment issues before they escalate by closely monitoring customer behavior and payment history.

Track your AR aging and DSO

Stay on top of your AR aging and days sales outstanding (DSO) to optimize your collections strategies and improve cash flow.

Uncover insights into payment volume

Leverage digital channels to gain a granular breakdown of payment volume, allowing you to optimize your payment strategy.

Track payment volume trends

Monitor payment volume trends over time using digital channels to detect emerging patterns.

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