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Kegel's Produce Teams Up with Pepper to Elevate Digital Ordering for Fresh Produce Consumers

LANCASTER, Pa. -- Kegel's Produce, a trusted name in fresh produce distribution throughout Pennsylvania, has optimized its digital ordering platform for its dedicated customer base by partnering with Pepper, the leading e-commerce company specializing in solutions for independent food distributors.

Suzanne Myers, President of Kegel's Produce, stated, "Our alliance with Pepper has marked a transformative phase in our operational journey. Leveraging Pepper's pioneering e-commerce technologies, we've streamlined our operations, offering our customers an enhanced and seamless ordering experience while emphasizing the freshness and quality of our produce."

Kegel's Produce, celebrated for its commitment to providing farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and other produce, has a wide-ranging clientele spanning restaurants, schools, and local markets. The integration of Pepper’s advanced online catalog and payment mechanisms has positioned Kegel's Produce at the pinnacle of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

KJ Myers, Next Generation: Operations Assistant, shared, "Customers have expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback about the convenience and user-friendly interface of our new app powered by Pepper. They truly appreciate our investment in enhancing their experience.”

With this partnership, customers of Kegel's Produce can now enjoy an enriched digital ordering experience. Pepper's intuitive interface facilitates effortless browsing of Kegel's vast product catalog, making order placements and interactions with the dedicated sales team more efficient than ever.

Derek Patterson, Vice President of Partnerships at Pepper, shared, "Our collaboration with Kegel's Produce, an institution known for its quality and community-centric approach, has been extremely rewarding. This partnership not only amplifies Kegel's Produce's digital capabilities but also enhances the satisfaction quotient for their customers."

About Kegel's Produce
Established in 1948, Kegel's Produce just celebrated 75 years in business and is proudly women-owned. Kegel’s has been the go-to source for fresh produce in Pennsylvania with a relentless focus on community and quality. With history spanning across four generations, Kegel's continues to deliver a diverse range of farm-fresh products, reaffirming its legacy of excellence and reliability.

About Pepper
Pepper stands as a vanguard in e-commerce solutions tailored for independent food distributors. With a vision to enhance the digital experience, Pepper aids businesses across North America and the Caribbean, including restaurants, grocery stores, and local markets, in achieving growth and ensuring customer delight. For more insights, visit


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