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Mr Greens Partners With Pepper To Launch New Online and Mobile Ordering Platform

MIAMI & NEW YORK--Mr Greens, one of the largest produce distributors in the country, announced today that it has launched mobile and web ordering for customers, powered by Pepper, the e-commerce platform for food distributors. For Mr Greens’ customers, this means a faster, more reliable, and modern ordering experience that anyone can do with just a few taps from their phone or computer.

Mr Greens’ clients include thousands of restaurants, hotels, country clubs, caterers, grocery stores, and retail outlets and is expanding rapidly with five distribution centers in Miami, Plant City, and Jacksonville, Florida. The company also recently launched two new distribution centers in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. With deliveries 365-days a year and multiple runs per day, Mr Greens has always put “Gold Standard” customer service at the heart of its growth strategy. It was that commitment to industry-leading customer service that inspired Mr Greens to launch an online and mobile ordering experience, which allows their customers to discover new products, chat with reps, and place orders in seconds.

“This was an important part of our continued investment in being the best customer service company in produce,” said Scott Davis, COO of Mr Greens. “These days, customers expect a smooth, reliable online experience – one that’s natively mobile and as intuitive to users as the e-commerce services like Amazon that they use at home. We chose Pepper as a development partner because their platform enabled us to offer the best ordering experience on the market.”

Pepper’s mission is to modernize the food supply chain with its full service online ordering catalog and payment system that helps food distributors reach their full potential by growing sales, saving time, and lowering expenses. Pepper generates transformational results for its partners, with clients seeing an average of 14% in sales growth, 77% reduction in order entry time post-adoption, and 92% buyer satisfaction.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Pepper experience to all of Mr Greens’ customers to ensure an easier, more user-friendly approach to online ordering for all businesses,” said Bowie Cheung, CEO of Pepper. “Our team continues to be laser focused on adding new features to the Pepper platform, and we look forward to working alongside Mr Greens and its customers to leverage those features to bolster sales and unlock new growth potential.”

Today, the Mr Greens mobile app powered by Pepper, can be found in App Store and Google Play, and a new online ordering website. Customers log in to quickly compose an order from their order guide, or browse the catalog to discover new items and the latest promotions. The app and website empower distributors and their customers with a seamless ordering experience and fast, secure digital payments — all backed by Pepper’s centralized customer service.

“It's so easy to use and highly intuitive, all of our chefs were able to quickly pick it up without any training. I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient, the ability to place orders in seconds from my phone or laptop really helps with that” said Mr Greens customer, Chef Angelo Massanova, Executive Chef of Casa D’ Angelo, Ft Lauderdale. “Since using the app, I also learned Mr Greens offers more products in their catalog that I didn't even know they carried. Overall, very pleased! Great ordering app.”

About Mr Greens

Mr Greens, one of the largest produce distributors in the US, servicing clients out of Miami Florida, Plant City Florida, Fort Myers Florida, Jacksonville Florida, Austin Texas, and San Antonio Texas. Clients include restaurants, hotels, country clubs, caterers, grocery stores, and retail outlets. Customer service is priority #1 at Mr Greens – deliveries are offered 365-days a year, 7-days a week, with multiple runs per day.

About Pepper

Pepper is a leading e-commerce platform built for food distributors that is easy and intuitive for their customers to use. Today, clients across the US and Canada use Pepper to power their e-commerce experience for thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores. For more information, visit


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