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Testa Produce Unveils State-of-the-Art Online Ordering Platform Powered by Pepper

CHICAGO--Testa Produce, a longstanding stalwart in the Midwest's fresh food distribution industry and now a member of the FreshEdge family of companies; has announced a partnership with Pepper, the game-changing e-commerce solution specifically designed for independent food distributors. The alliance seeks to revolutionize Testa Produce's digital ordering capabilities and bolster operational efficiency.

Understanding the necessity of adopting cutting-edge technology in an ever-evolving market, Testa Produce is taking bold steps to enhance their customers' online ordering experience. By collaborating with Pepper, Testa Produce is set to redefine the dynamics of food distribution in the region.

"Teaming up with Pepper marks a pivotal moment in our company’s evolution," remarked Peter Testa, President of Testa Produce. "Pepper's comprehensive e-commerce suite enables us to optimize our processes, offer an intuitive online ordering system, and most importantly, deliver increased value to our customers."

Testa Produce, renowned for catering to the varied requirements of restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other establishments, can now leverage Pepper's comprehensive online ordering catalog and payment platform. This strategic partnership sets the stage for significant business achievements, including increased sales, heightened customer retention, improved productivity, and an expedited order-to-cash cycle.

Pepper's proficiency in integrating ERP across numerous food verticals, alongside its dedication to superior customer experiences, established it as the premier choice for Testa Produce Pepper's solution equips food distributors to forge meaningful customer relationships and offers an intuitive platform for seamless ordering and clear communication.

"We're excited to partner with Testa Produce, a company renowned for its commitment to excellence in the produce distribution sector," expressed Wes Finch, Vice President of Produce Operations at Pepper. "Together, we aim to amplify their digital footprint, heighten customer satisfaction, and foster growth."

Testa’s customers can expect a revamped digital ordering experience with the roll-out of the Pepper-powered solution. The platform's user-friendly design allows customers to effortlessly navigate product catalogs, place orders, and maintain streamlined communication with dedicated sales representatives. Testa Produce aims to solidify its industry leadership through this technology-driven advancement.

About Testa Produce

Founded in 1912, Testa Produce has consistently led Midwest produce distribution through its unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. Offering a diverse selection of fresh produce, dairy, and frozen foods, the company caters to various establishments, including restaurants, schools, and hospitals. Earlier this year, Testa was strategically acquired by the FreshEdge family of companies, broadening its reach, and reinforcing its industry standing. Operating from an eco-friendly, state-of-the-art facility, Testa Produce assures, unmatched quality, timely regional deliveries, and above and beyond customer service.

About Pepper

Pepper is a frontrunner in providing e-commerce solutions tailored to independent food distributors, offering a seamless digital ordering experience for clients. Serving customers across North America and the Caribbean, Pepper helps customers drive growth and customer satisfaction. For more information on Pepper, visit


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