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Altamira Gourmet Food Service Takes Their Customer Experience To A New Altitude With Pepper

DENVER & NEW YORK--Altamira Foods, the premier gourmet food service distributor for Colorado, New Mexico and the Rocky Mountain region, has partnered with technology company Pepper to help take their business to the next level.

Altamira is dedicated to providing chefs with the high-end ingredients they need to impress their guests. When the distributor decided to offer a sophisticated mobile ordering and payments experience for its customers, partnering with Pepper was a natural choice, reflecting Altamira’s commitment to quality and service.

“Working with Pepper has been nothing short of awesome!” said Joey Gentry, CEO of Altamira Foods. “They are an intelligent, fun group that matches our enthusiasm. Our decision to team up with Pepper was an easy one and they are as advertised and they deliver results in a very timely fashion. Pepper has managed to make us look very smart with this mobile app.”

Altamira began as an olive oil distributor in 1986 and has since expanded to specialty and gourmet products, ranging from fine cheeses and cured meats to delicacy chocolates and baking supplies. The company carries over 300 product lines from around the globe. Working with Pepper to build a new e-commerce platform has helped organize and streamline the catalog in a way that makes it easy to view. Now, Altamira customers can browse, place orders, make payments, and chat with their Altamira Sales Rep—all from their mobile devices.

“Having the app has allowed us to show customers that Altamira is committed to offering the most current solutions in an ever-evolving food service environment,” said Patrick Horvat, Altamira Sales Rep.

“It’s helping me catch up on sleep,” said Garret Meyer, Altamira Sales Rep and new father of 4 weeks.

Pepper’s mission is to modernize the food supply chain with its full service online ordering catalog and payment system that helps food distributors reach their full potential by growing sales, saving time, and lowering expenses. Pepper generates transformational results for its partners, with clients seeing an average of 20% in sales growth, 77% reduction in order entry time post-adoption, and 92% buyer satisfaction.

“Being from Denver and knowing the stellar reputation Altamira has with the chef community is what makes this partnership so very special to me, '' said Margaret Hancok, Pepper Director of Business Development. “The team at Altamira hit the ground running with their new ordering & payments app and we are already seeing basket size increases with their customers. Giving chefs the ability to shop the entire Altamira catalog has proven to be a game changer for their business.”

The Altamira Specialty Food Service mobile app can be found in the App Store, Google Play Store, and at Customers can log in from any device to compose an order from their order guide, discover new items and the latest promotions from the catalog, or make a payment in only a few clicks.

“This is the chillest app ever,” said Chef Matt Quinlisk, Hearth Bakery Denver

About Altamira Specialty Food Service

Altamira Specialty Foods Service is the premier gourmet foods distributor throughout Colorado and New Mexico. They offer specialty and gourmet ingredients ranging from fine cheese to cured meats and are known as the region's top distributor of chocolate, pastry ingredients, and baking supplies. They distribute more than 300 product lines from all over the world, as well as gourmet ingredients that are produced locally and sustainably right in the Rockies. The translation of Altamira is ‘high view’ and is what inspires the distributor’s motto of providing products that help create food with a view.

About Pepper

Pepper is a leading e-commerce platform built for food distributors that is easy and intuitive for their customers to use. Today, clients across the US and Canada use Pepper to power their e-commerce experience for thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores. For more information, visit


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Contact Person: Jeff Jones
Phone number: 303-968-7273

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Contact Person: Margaret Hancock
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